YVES WINE & GALLERY Antoine Dansaert 102

 new Photo-EXPOSITION Hyun De Grande: Opening 22/04, until 21/05 


My name is Hyun De Grande. I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1987 and I was adopted to

Belgium when I was around 4 months old. I currently work in the film industry as a

cinematographer, and street photography is a passion I try to pursue in between my jobs.

As a photographer I’m very fascinated by the feelings of loneliness, isolation and/or alienation

because they strongly resonate with me personally.

Visually, my work is characterized by the use of clear lines or shapes, both coming from light or

architecture. This is used to create a stark arena for my subjects, in an attempt to enhance the

fragility of the people portrayed within.

The choice for a wide frame stems from my cinematography background but it is also used to

evoke emptiness through negative space. I find it interesting to utilize the surroundings of my

characters to create emotional context, even when these surroundings are blank or abstract.


www.hyundegrande.com   h.degrande@gmail.com  +32498244127